When You Should Sanitize, And When You Should Disinfect

When we find our homes are messy and having dirt on most areas we could only think of cleaning it. A decent man always desires a clean house. Having a clean house is something we can be proud of. But how clean is clean? What is really the standard to be called clean? There are a lot of ways to clean. It can be in our homes or even in our offices and even outside or houses, at the garage and many more areas. After cleaning you can sanitize and disinfect your homes. Maybe you might be thinking about what is sanitize vs disinfect. How are they done?

What is Sanitizing?

Sanitizing is a process where the germ count is lowered. And brings it in a safe level, a level that is implemented by the public health. It can involve cleaning and disinfecting. Usually those places which usually have contact with food such as the kitchen and kitchen utensils. A lot of people are ignorant about what sanitizing is all about. They can’t even choose between sanitize vs disinfect.  But one thing for sure that they are both useful.

What is disinfecting?

Disinfecting is a process that uses chemicals to kill germs that is not visible to the human eye rather than reducing the count. Disinfecting is not just a simple cleaning process it reduces the risk of infection. Most hospitals disinfect areas that had contact with any kind of fluid. If we want to get rid of bacteria or any kind of viruses, we need to disinfect.

In sanitizing and disinfecting our homes we can use bleach and water in a bucket. The water must be cool because hot water reduces effectiveness. Wear proper protection when doing the process. You can use rubber hand gloves and use goggles for your eye protection. Make sure that you are using an appropriate bleach concentration for your household. For it to be safe use a 6 percent concentration of hypochlorite.

When sanitizing use 1 tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water and then you can transfer it to a spray bottle then spray to every area or the house you wanted to sanitize. Leave the solution for a couple of minutes so that it can penetrate in killing the virus or any bacteria. And after that penetration you can rinse it with water.