Does Disinfectant Spray Really Protect Against Viruses?

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a worldwide pandemic because of the Novel Coronavirus in which Wuhan in China is said to be the epicenter. The said viral infectious disease caused thousands of deaths and millions of positive cases worldwide. Many people panicked as well as nations performed immediate crisis management and implemented some guidelines such as travel banning, isolation, home quarantines and nationwide disinfection. These guidelines are believed that can help contain the virus and probably would stop it from spreading.

But as time went by the coronavirus spread even more fast that we ever think. This time universities, international laboratories, pharmaceutical establishments researchers and scientists got urged to study about the virus and hoping that one day they would come up an idea on how to create a vaccine for the coronavirus. Preventions were also implemented by the government and safety precautions were taught to the people.

To start defeating and vanishing the coronavirus the government agencies conducted disinfections in places where a lot of positive cases were found. One of this disinfection is done by a disinfectant spray. This is used to spray road and sidewalks as we can see in some countries. This is a process where bleach and soap and other household disinfectants can paralyze and deactivate the virus.

But do disinfectant spray really protect us from any viruses?

Study shows that bleach, soaps and other household disinfectants can deactivate any virus when used indoors. But unclear when used in the outdoor. Furthermore, according to variety of some news reports, most disinfectants that is used outside is a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite.

Disinfectant sprays are not itself the vaccine or cure for the coronavirus but it can help us partially diminish the virus. The prevention is based on a person’s own care for himself. Nevertheless, the authority requires everyone to stay home to prevent the increase of the cases. Disinfectants can protect us from viruses but not all the time. When were outside and encounter few people, it is still possible to be transmitted with a virus. That is why we also need to wear face masks when going outside. we cannot determine a contaminated surface by our own naked eyes. That is why safety precautions is most needed. That is why applying alcohol is very necessary and disinfectant is vital. Disinfectant sprayed in the often-touched surfaces in our houses can keep us and our families in any threat of a virus.